Have a Unique, Creative Experience
with One or More of Your Loved Ones . . .

. . . from the comfort and safety of your own homes!

Each experience includes:

  • An educational and FUN experience with your loved ones
  • High-quality, non-sensitizing ingredients straight from France
  • Custom-named, unique perfume for each participant
  • Ability to order complementary products

 Cool, right?! But what can you expect?

On a video call among you, our Scent Artist, Carolyn, and your loved ones, you'll smell and decide among Escentuelle's more popular ingredients. Carolyn will then harmoniously balance and mix those ingredients, bottle each finished perfume, and send them to you!

I'm so excited! How does my group get on the schedule?

Call or text Carolyn at 919-659-5661 to start setting up your event.