Signature Custom Perfume Experience
for One or Two Individuals

What can you expect from your exclusive experience?

• pride in wearing a fully personalized scent created just for you!

• up to 2 hours of engaging education and expert guidance from our Scent Artist, Carolyn

• high-quality, non-sensitizing ingredients from the oldest perfumery in France

• 1.7 oz glass spray bottle of your custom elixir and an ability to reorder it at any time

• most important: pride in wearing a scent created by, and just for, you!

two women with perfume testers strips at an Escentuelle Signature Perfume Experience

What can you expect from the process?

1) You'll set an appointment for your custom scent experience in-person at Gather Studios in Downtown Cary, NC, or at Carolyn's home studio in Annapolis, MD.

2) A week in advance of your appointment, you'll receive a link to a questionnaire about what you've worn before and your preferences for the scent you'll receive from Escentuelle.

3) Carolyn will review her 150+ ingredients and select a range that would best suit what you want to create, allowing for a bit of exploration at the edges.

4) During your appointment of up to 2 hours, Carolyn will educate you on the composition of a fine French eau de parfum while leading you through:

--evaluating your potential ingredients (getting a feel for each and forming an initial opinion on whether you'd like to include it)
--choosing the most compatible ingredients among the ones you prefer
--combining your chosen ingredients for a harmonious balance

5) You'll build your custom perfume section by section, from base to heart, sampling the blend at each stage.

6) Once all the ingredients have been chosen and blended, Carolyn will bottle your one-of-a-kind eau de parfum for you to take home with you.

7) The finalized formula will be put on file for you to reorder at any time in the future. Note your custom perfume is YOURS ALONE. Unless we receive permission from you, no one else may order it.

8) People you meet will ask you what you're wearing and you will just smile and say, "an exclusive scent made just for me."